This website was created to store personal documents, and share my personal endeavors that, otherwise, would not have an outlet. This page also contains details of my professional and academic information, and will soon be an outlet to share all my projects. I have created several sections to share my personal, academic and professional material. To examine my academic project's in detail please refer tomy Academic section.

About me

I am a graduate of McGill University, I majored in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Management while Specializing in Computer Systems.

I am a Canadian resident currently living in Montreal - Quebec. I currently hold an Egyptian Citizenship while I was born in the United Arab Emirates.s

Below are a few videos that speak about me and my accomplishements so far. The first video outlines my latest accomplishement of developing an application for MAC OS X called SMART WALL, Smart Wall allows users to display and customize information on their desktop. The second is about the impact of technology of our daily lives, while the rest of the videos summarize some of my academic projects.

Smart Wall Demo

Impact of Technology


Robot Juliet, Robot Design Project


Impact of Social Media