Michael Ghattas

I have a passion for sketching, planning, developing and deploying elegant Software applications.


This web site was created to store personal documents, and share my personal endeavors that, otherwise, would not have an outlet. This page also contains details of my professional and academic information, and will soon be an outlet to share all my projects.

My name is Michael Ghattas

Passion, creativity, diligence, adaptability, desire to learn and detail-orientedness are only some of the virtues that make me a valuable asset to a software development team.

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." - Martin Golding


Bachelor of Electrical Engineering – McGill University


• Completed a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering while specializing in Computer and Software systems.

• Successfully completed several Software Engineering projects.

• Placed 3rd in a Robotics competition organized by McGill University.

Minor in Management – McGill University


• Completed several Management courses that include Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Finance, International Business and Economical Development.

• Lead a team of marketing students to execute a marketing plan that helped boost restaurant sales.

• Created a social media campaign using Facebook and Twitter to promote a web site I created for a local store.


Software Developer – Wiseleap Solutions


• Lead a team of developers to successfully release an iOS application.

• Worked on a mobile web application for a Fortune 100 company

• Developed a data entry android application as part of a team

• Managed a team of developers using JIRA

• Involved in the hiring process by conducting technical interviews

• Regularly met with clients to create proposals and review project goals

Creator/Developer – Smart Wall


• Developed a popular Mac OSX application, Smart Wall, which integrates day-to-day information such as time, date, weather & stocks on Mac desktops. Learn more at www.smartwallapp.com

• The application was developed using X-Code and is currently available in the Mac App Store.

• Application maintains a 4+ rating on the App Store.

What can i do

Software Development

I am a seasoned iOS/Android software developer and have published more than 4 applications to Apple and Google App stores. I am also fluent in creating web applications using PHP, JS, HTML, CSS and jQuery

Software Manager

Undertook the responsibility of managing a software team to meet company objectives. I used JIRA to help facilitate the project management process while adhering to Agile SCRUM methodologies.


I am comfortable with all layers of a start up, from investors to software engineers. I know what it takes to take a company from no product to shipping software and making payroll.

Do you have a project and you want to work with me, feel free to drop me a line.

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My skills

What i can do


iOS 7
Web Development
Scrum Master (JIRA)
Team Lead
Google Analytics, Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads

Smart Wall App Testimonials

I'm always not sure the date, everyday. So this App make me aware of the date! It's configurable, looks good! I like it.

soccertack - ★★★★★/ USA


应当不错 - ★★★★★ / China

Smart wall is amazing! People are always telling me that I have a messy desktop; so I use Smart Wall to tidy it up!

Benej102 - ★★★★★ / New Zealand

Para receber a quinta estrela, só faltou o app reconhecer e usar o idioma selecionado no sistema.

Marco Dantonio - ★★★★ / Brazil

My works

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    Deicing Holdover

    iOS 7 App

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    Smart Wall App

    Mac App

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    Deicing Manager

    Web Platform


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Personal Info

Name : Michael Ghattas
Birth : 27 / 05 / 1990
Nationality : Canadian
Email : ghattasmichael@outlook.com
Email : michael.ghattas2@mail.mcgill.ca
Website : www.michael-ghattas.com